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Worf Star Trek

Worf holt sie im Transporterraum ab, wo er überrascht feststellt, dass sie einen Es kommen nur zwei Leute dafür in Frage: Duras, der für Worfs Entehrung. Worf ist eine fiktive Figur im Star Trek-Franchise. Er erscheint in der Fernsehserie Star Trek: The Next Generation und in den Staffeln vier bis sieben von Star Trek: Deep Space Nine sowie in den Spielfilmen Star Trek Generations, Star Trek. Für die Person aus dem Spiegeluniversum siehe: Worf (Spiegeluniversum) Zugehörigkeit: Vereinte Memory Alpha, das Star-Trek-Wiki · Miles Edward O'​.

"Star Trek": Eine eigene Serie für Worf? + Paramount+ wirbt mit Pike & Spock (Update)

Er wurde vor allem bekannt durch seine Rolle des Klingonen Worf in Star Trek. Inhaltsverzeichnis. 1 Leben; 2 Karriere. Michael Dorn liefert ein Update zu seiner Star Trek-Zukunft und hält weiterhin an seiner Idee für Worf fest. Und: Teast der Paramount+-Teaser. Worf, Sohn von Mogh, ist ein Klingone und Offizier der Sternenflotte. Auf der USS Enterprise-D.

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TNG Worf delivers Molly (Disaster)

From there, he pursued a career in music as a performer with several different rock music Star Wars Online Stream, traveling to San Francisco and then back to Los Angeles. XCOM 2: War of the Chosen. Prometheus voice, uncredited.
Worf Star Trek

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Duck Dodgers. Fright Knight voice. Justice League Unlimited. Episodes: " Peter's Got Woods " " Not All Dogs Go to Heaven ".

Batman: The Brave and the Bold. Bane , Krull the Eternal voices. Episode: " An Invisible Thread ". Worf was shocked to discover in that his interludes with K'Ehleyr had fostered a son, Alexander , when she accompanied the dying Klingon Chancellor K'mpec while old foe Duras, a challenger for succession, was a suspect.

With her mate and son present, K'Ehleyr died after being attacked by Duras when she drew too close to the truth about Khitomer, and Worf in anguish killed Duras on his own ship.

His captain was more than understanding, as he had been when Worf refused to donate blood to save a Romulan, but he was put on formal report for his actions.

During the Klingon Civil War of Worf felt compelled to resign his Starfleet commission to become involved, but it was reactivated after the war.

During that time he persuaded Kurn to support Gowron against Duras' sisters and their Romulan backers, standing up to the sisters when abducted and tortured.

His aid of the victor Gowron eventually restored his family's honor, and Kurn won a seat on the High Council. Mogh was later rumored to be alive in a secret Romulan prison on Carraya IV , but though Worf's covert mission found the rumor to indeed be false he did discover — and agree to keep secret — a colony of shamed Klingon survivors from Khitomer, led by his father's old friend, L'Kor , and their Romulans guards who'd resigned to live with them.

Worf dipped back into Klingon politics in after he questioned his own faith in the teaching of Kahless following the Carraya IV incident.

His visit to the caves of Boreth , the legendary site of the great warrior's predicted return, was shaken up when Kahless did appear to return.

Although later found to be cloned from ancient relics of the original Klingon warrior by the Boreth clerics, the response of spiritually empty Klingons to his presence led Worf to insist that Gowron accept the cloned Kahless as a returned Emperor and moral leader — in effect creating a constitutional theo-monarchy.

He was even reunited with his foster brother Nikolai in , when the two clashed again over the human's saving of the doomed Borallan village against Picard's orders and the Prime Directive to save his pregnant mate, a native.

The two parted more amicably after the incident, however. After his mother's death Alexander was initially sent to live with the Rozhenkos on Earth, but a year later Helena returned with him to plead that Worf take him back for support and guidance.

The two shared a testy relationship at first, but thanks to sessions with the ship's counselor — whom he eventually selected as the boy's foster parent if need be — they fared better.

When a shipboard accident left him paralyzed, Worf considered the ritual Hegh'bat suicide until both Riker and Troi talked him out of it, pointing to Alexander's need for a parent; an experimental genotronic spine later restored his health.

Shocked in to find his son returned through a time loop from 40 years in the future, be began allowing Alexander to find his own way — even if it was not the way of a Klingon warrior.

During his U. Enterprise tenure, he birthed Keiko O'Brien's baby Molly in Ten-Forward during a shipwide crisis in , his only prior experience having been a Starfleet emergency first aid class.

He dislikes surprise parties and diplomatic duty. He also taught mok'bara classes to those interested aboard ship, won a bat'leth tournament on Forkas III in , and for a time tutored Dr.

Crusher on the weapon; there is no word that he took her offer to join her acting workshop. He trains with a multi-level holo-program of personal combat "calisthenics," has also played Parrises Squares, and picked up the nickname "Iceman" from his U.

Enterprise poker play. Other interests include Klingon novels, love poetry, and a love of Klingon opera. His favorite beverage, christened as a "warrior's drink" when introduced to it by Guinan , is prune juice.

Following the destruction of the Enterprise and break-up of its staff in , Worf sent Alexander once again to live with the Rozhenkos on Earth and went on extended leave to revisit the Klingon monastery and clerics of Boreth in search of a spiritual answer to the letdown the rapid events provoked.

He found their discussions enlightening and considered resigning his Starfleet commission, but in early he accepted Captain Benjamin Sisko's request to join the Deep Space Nine staff in light of renewed Klingon friction after dissolution of the Khitomer Accords and their short-lived invasion of the Cardassian Empire.

He had all but decided to resign and join a Nyberrite cruiser crew when the Deep Space Nine offer persuaded him to stay, having felt that his Starfleet uniform was a disgrace to his own people.

Early on in the assignment Worf admitted to continued bouts of depression over the end of what he perceived as glory days on the Enterprise , and countered it somewhat by taking quarters on the station's starship, the U.

Defiant , and finding a kinship with Dax , who trains with the bat'leth and mek'leth as well. He soon got the chance to meet Klingon legend Kor , but that honor too was ripped away when image gave way to reality as the two fought over the Sword of Kahless relic they found on a quest.

Worf's public opposition to Gowron's invasion left him largely unaffected until the Empire attempted to frame him for the so-called slaughter of Klingon civilians amid a skirmish; the hoax was revealed only shortly before he would have been extradited for the crime and faced certain death.

However, on Qo'noS his house was once again stripped of its honor and properties, including Kurn's seat on the High Council.

His depressed brother showed up on the station asking for his own suicide rite. Dorn explained, "the Klingon universe is just like the Federation.

They have planets and worlds and societies that they own, but they do it in a brutal way. Worf was a proud member of the Klingon race born on Qo'noS the Klingon homeworld pronounced Kronos but he was also orphaned as a child and raised on Earth by human parents and the first-ever Klingon officer in Starfleet.

While his identity pulled him in multiple directions, Worf's practice standing between two worlds has prepared him for the mission Dorn has in store.

Some worlds are rebelling. The next year, he was made Acting Chief of Security following the death of Tasha Yar , even though he believed that a promotion due to the death of a comrade was not honorable TNG : " Skin of Evil ".

The next year, he transferred to operations division and was formally made Chief of Security TNG : " The Child ". In , he renewed his relationship with K'Ehleyr when she came aboard the Enterprise as a Federation emissary on an urgent mission.

He proposed marriage but was rejected TNG : " The Emissary ". In , he was promoted lieutenant TNG : " Evolution ". After an accident caused the death of Lt.

Marla Astor, Worf brought the orphaned Jeremy Astor into the House of Mogh through the rite of R'uustai TNG : " The Bonding ".

Worf learned of Kurn's existence when Kurn was assigned to the Enterprise as an Exchange Officer. Kurn specifically asked for the Enterprise so he could observe his brother.

He then revealed his true identity, informing Worf that the House of Mogh's rival Duras accused their father of betraying the Klingon Empire by helping the Romulans attack Khitomer.

When they and the Enterprise crew discovered that it was in fact Duras's father that betrayed the Empire, Worf, realizing that the powerful House of Duras could not be publicly shamed without throwing the Empire into civil war, accepted a ritual discommendation from the Klingon High Council.

While Worf decided to accept this dishonor, it was decided to keep Kurn's true identity secret in order to protect his honor and the House of Mogh as a whole be left alone TNG : " Sins of the Father ".

In , K'Ehleyr returned with Klingon Chancellor K'mpec who had come to meet with Captain Picard. When she came aboard, Worf learned he had a son named Alexander.

She wanted to marry him but Worf refused because he did not want to share his dishonor with her and their son TNG : " Reunion ".

After K'mpec's death, she assisted Captain Picard with the rite of succession. K'Ehleyr was eventually murdered by Duras when she found evidence of his involvement in the effort to discredit Worf and why he was discommended.

Exercising his right of vengeance, Worf fought and killed Duras with a bat'leth in a duel, allowing Duras's political opponent Gowron to become chancellor TNG : "Reunion".

A civil war erupted when the Duras's son Toral challenged Gowron. Worf believed Gowron was the legitimate ruler and convinced his brother to bring forces loyal to him into battle on Gowron's behalf.

Worf resigned from Starfleet to fight for Gowron and served on his brother's ship. Gowron won the war after Starfleet exposed Romulan support for the House of Duras.

In appreciation of his support, Chancellor Gowron restored Worf's honor, allowing Kurn a seat on the High Council as the recognized brother and representative of the House of Mogh TNG : " Redemption, Part I ".

Once the war was over, Worf regained his Starfleet commission, recognizing that he did not fully belong to Klingon society TNG : "Redemption, Part II".

In while the Enterprise was at Deep Space Nine, Worf investigated a claim that his father might still be alive in a Romulan prison camp. His father was not there having indeed been killed during the battle at Khitomer , but a number of Klingons were living there with the Romulans.

Unable to return home with honor, as Klingons are supposed to commit suicide rather than be taken prisoner, they stayed and strayed from their way of life.

Worf's visit had a profound effect on the children of the prisoners and many chose to leave with him TNG : Birthright. Worf's visit to the camp caused him to reconsider his own beliefs.

He visited the monastery at Boreth to meditate. One day, a man appeared before him claiming to be Kahless the Unforgettable who had returned to lead the Empire once more.

Worf was willing to consider the idea that Kahless was genuine because he believed the Klingons had lost their ways. Gowron was skeptical.

He questioned Kahless about details of his memories, which Kahless could not recall, and then challenged Kahless to combat, defeating him easily.

The loss forced the clerics to reveal that they had created a clone of Kahless and implanted ancient scriptures of Kahless's battles as his memories.

Despite this, Worf became convinced that the Klingons would make a leap of faith and accept him as the legitimate heir of Kahless.

He convinced the Klingons to appoint the new Kahless as Emperor. While real power remained with Gowron as head of government, the Emperor would be the formal head of state and teach the stories of Kahless.

Gowron was incited to go along with this arrangement when Worf threatened in private otherwise to oppose him publicly, which Gowron, still not fully in control of the Empire, could not afford.

TNG : " Rightful Heir ". Worf avoided romantic attachments with non-Klingons during his first few years on board the Enterprise -D.

As Worf explained to both Commander Riker and Guinan , he felt that non-Klingon females would be too fragile, and that he would have to restrain himself too much.

He eventually developed strong feelings for Counselor Deanna Troi , and explored a relationship with her for a time, which at times strained his relationship with her former romantic interest, Commander Riker.

Worf and Troi seemed to end their relationship following the destruction of the Enterprise -D at Veridian III and Worf's reassignment to Deep Space Nine.

In , he was promoted lieutenant commander Star Trek Generations. After the destruction of the Enterprise -D, Worf took an extended leave to evaluate his future.

He was at a monastery on the Klingon colony of Boreth when he was ordered to go to Deep Space 9 to advise Captain Sisko when a Klingon fleet massed at the station.

When he arrived, he was met by former Enterprise -D crew member and DS9's Chief of Operations, Miles O'Brien. DS9 : " The Way of the Warrior ".

Worf learned that the Klingons were planning to invade Cardassia because of a coup which they had been led to believe was engineered by the Dominion.

Worf reluctantly informed Sisko, knowing this would jeopardize his status in the empire. After the invasion had begun, Gowron traveled to DS9 to ask Worf to join him in battle.

Gowron believed the Federation was unworthy of Worf's loyalty because they would not fight the Dominion. Worf felt the war was wrong and he could not support it.

Gowron punished him by reinstating Worf's discommendation, but this time executing it to the full degree, by stripping him and his family of his honor, lands, and titles, effectively bringing down the House of Mogh.

Worf submitted his resignation but Sisko rejected it because he still needed him. He had decided to rescue the members of the Cardassian council from certain death at the hands of the Klingons.

In doing so, he was able to prove that there was no Dominion involvement by verifying their identities. The Klingons attacked the station in order to capture the council members but withdrew as Starfleet ships approached, fearing a war on two fronts.

At the end of the immediate crisis, Sisko convinced Worf to join the crew as Strategic Operations officer. In this role, he would coordinate all Starfleet activity in the Bajoran sector and act as executive officer of the USS Defiant , meaning he had to adjust to the requirements and obligations that came with the red "command personnel" uniform.

For the first months, Worf had difficulties adjusting to life on the station, unintentionally overstepping his boundaries by acting as he did on the Enterprise , putting him for a while at odds with Chief of Security Odo.

For Worf, the station's life seemed just too much 'grey', subsequently requesting to relocate his quarters aboard Defiant. After the Klingon civil war, Kurn had gained a seat on the High Council.

Worf's opposition to the war against Cardassia cost Kurn his seat on the council. Four months later, he arrived at DS9 seeking help from his brother to perform a ritual to die with honor.

He felt that the ritual, which involved Worf killing him, was the only way to restore his honor.

Worf ist eine fiktive Figur im Star Trek-Franchise. Er erscheint in der Fernsehserie Star Trek: The Next Generation und in den Staffeln vier bis sieben von Star Trek: Deep Space Nine sowie in den Spielfilmen Star Trek Generations, Star Trek. Worf, Sohn von Mogh, ist ein Klingone und Offizier der Sternenflotte. Auf der USS Enterprise-D. Dabei trifft sie auf Worf, mit dem sie Anfang der er ein Verhältnis gehabt hat. Dabei leben die alten Gefühle wieder auf. Nach einer gemeinsamen Nacht. Für die Person aus dem Spiegeluniversum siehe: Worf (Spiegeluniversum) Zugehörigkeit: Vereinte Memory Alpha, das Star-Trek-Wiki · Miles Edward O'​. 1/26/ · Worf, whose character originated on Star Trek: The Next Generation (TNG) before moving to Deep Space Nine (DS9) and appearing in several of the Star Trek . 1/28/ · Worf was first added to Star Trek Online with the release of “Bringing Down the House” as part of Season 2 in July In early October , Worf's in-game model was revamped to more closely resemble Michael Dorn's actual likeness - just as Sela's model was when Legacy of . For Mirror Universe counterpart, see Worf (mirror). Worf, son of Mogh, House of Martok, is a male Klingon Starfleet officer in the 24th century. As of , is the Commanding Officer of the Akira-class Heavy Cruiser USS Bat'leth, which is part of Task Force Invincible and the Vanguard Fleet. 1 Overview 2 Childhood 3 Starfleet Academy 4 USS Enterprise-D 5 Family 6 Deep Space Nine 7 Borg.

Worf Star Trek Zeiten, erweist sich nun als reiner PR-Gag von RTL, entschuldigte sich Worf Star Trek. - Inhaltsverzeichnis

Morn ist Lurianer, Käferplage Spezies aus der Welt Luria. But beyond the broader Klingon race, Worf is simply one of the most compelling characters in Star Trek history. Raised by humans after his Klingon parents were killed in a Romulan attack, Worf was a child of two worlds, never completely belonging to either. As the only Klingon in Starfleet, Worf has already achieved an illustrious and honorable career aboard the U.S.S. Enterprise as well as played a key role in Empire politics, but he keenly feels the effects of an often tragic life caught uniquely between the two conflicting cultures — immediately evidenced by the traditional Klingon baldrics he wears over his Starfleet uniform. Worf is a Klingon Ambassador and gin'tak to the Great House of Martok. He is the father of Alexander Rozhenko and K'Dhan, the husband of Grilka, and brother to Kurn. Worf was born in on the Klingon homeworld, Qo'noS, as the son of Mogh, patriarch of one of the Klingon Empire 's Great Houses. (TNG: " Sins of the Father ") According to primo-bpo.com, Worf was born on (Earth equivalent) December 9, Michael Dorn, who first played Worf on Star Trek: The Next Generation, discussed his ambitions to create a Captain Worf spinoff series focused on the future of the Klingon Empire. Speaking with primo-bpo.com, Dorn provided a detailed set-up of what a Captain Worf series would look like, even going so far as to say that he "has the script ready.". He said:. She helped him on his mission and then returned to DS9 with him. Martin St. Heart of the Beholder. Season 7. Operations What links here Related changes Special pages Printable version Permanent link Page information Page Erotik Heute Im Tv. Automotive News. Worf has encountered few further difficulties regarding his divided heritage. Taj Klingon NPCs Ambassadors Tactical Officers Non-player characters Generals Advisors Dali Film City Canon House of Martok. Worf is a decidedly Game Of Thrones Izle character among fans. He has been the spokesman for Neutrogena T-Gel Shampoo, and has appeared in a Dodge Dart car commercial. Although not explicitly stated, he was intended to be Worf's grandfather. Nero then leaves the battle to continue his assault on the planet Vulcan. XCOM 2: War of the Chosen. Quick links Playable starship Starship Onward Disney Sets Abilities Damage space Player rank Reputation Specialization Seasons Mission Journal TFOs Endeavors Lobi The Hollow Film. Während der Beschwörung in den 1994 Serie Feuerhöhlen wurde er von Kai Winn vergiftet, aber von den Pah-Geistern nun wieder in cardassianischer Gestalt wiedererweckt, um den Alpha-Quadranten zu unterwerfen. Sie weist ihn jedoch mit dem Hinweis zurück, dass sie beide vor ihren Gefühlen Angst haben sollten. Guinan ist eine der wichtigen Nebenfiguren in Raumschiff Enterprise — Das nächste Jahrhundertvor allem ihre Rolle in Star Trek: Treffen der Generationen hat eine herausragende Bedeutung. Dann stirbt K'mpec.
Worf Star Trek


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